Sunday, May 25, 2014

Rome: Castel Sant'Angelo

There is a long straight path in Rome that alongs the river Tevere, in english known as Tiber river, so the district take its name from this river as Lungotevere. This river is the third biggest one in Italy. In Lungotevere, both sides of river are suitable for walking or biking, also there are a lot entertainment venue opening through the evenings. If you don't want to being just close the river, you can strolling in the up side of the river road, that for both vehicles and pedestrians. The best part of these two road both of them wooded long as river. When you walk along this path Castel Sant'Angelo welcomed you.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Photodiary :: Berlin

Hi my dear friends! I'll share with you a photodiary from last summer in Berlin. It was a cloudy and chilly day even so summer. I'm starting to the tour from Berlin central train station; Hauptbahnhof closes to the goverment buildings. The station is absolutely amazing about the structure; rails are constructed as bridge, the station has 5 floors and in all floors trains passing on the platforms. Platforms are in bridge style (my english knowledge is insufficient for description ). Not to mention the full glass panoramic front of the center is perfect. Honestly I can say I have never seen a structure like in this shape, you must to see it, look as an engineer brain than you'll notice for how it wonderful.