Friday, March 7, 2014

Switzerland:: Jungfraujoch

Hi my dears! How are you today? I'm feeling so good with the coming of spring. Sunny days make me happy always. Actually photos don't seem like summer time but at the Alps region summer is living like that.
My mind and heart completely are miles away here, my heart is beating in Jungfrau. So, I decided to share my moments from last summer in Swiss where I've worked for a scientific project.

Travel started from Zurich Airport to the first stop that Bern, Interlaken. A night passed in there. Interlaken is a start point to explore mountains which Jungfrau region. Also Interlaken is centre of attraction, host to many luxury place; Grand Hotel Victoria, Victoria Jungfrau Hotel and too many luxury brand especially watch brand.

After Interlaken, I and my babe have started very long but so funny train travel. I have ever had very enjoy by a train travelling, it passed through mountains wholely. The travelling from Interlaken to Jungfraujoch consist of two part (you must change your train in Kleine Scheidegg). During our 4 days vacation, we stayed in Kleine Scheidegg at nights. In the day long we both worked and enjoyed in Sphinx, Top of Europe.

Frames from working time

Actually, I have bad selfies :(

The end of the day I had a splitting headache and I tried to feeling good with eating something.

I'll continue to sharing memories from Top of Europe by next post.
Thank you so much for reading and sharing my memories!!!
Have a great weekend and happy women day ladies!

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  2. Hello honey!! Thaks for lovely comment about my posts :) You have so good inspirations and your blog is about many different idea!! Love it.