Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunny Weekend: Gölcük, Bolu

Hi my dears;

I'm very sorry for delay in posting, but I've two reasons. Main and important one; I've studied to Ph.D entrance exam and I've been succeed :) Other reason; I've changed my room decoration and it was very hard work for me. Anyway I've finished my all works occupied my mind and I'm so happy now :)

Today post is about my home city, Bolu that in Turkey. I'm living here about 8 years for my education (B.Sc, M.Sc and now Ph.D) Bolu is one of the most enchanting tourism centre of Turkey with beautiful lakes, green nature forests, clean and fresh air. In Bolu, which famous for its lakes, the forested countrysides around the lakes are excellent for trekking, mountain climbing, rafting, off-road, paragliding, water and wintersports, camping and caravan trips. Bolu always provides a suitable atmosphere for the visitors all year around.

I hope you're having good weekend.
Thanks for reading...

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